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5 Best Online Auto Detailing Courses and Video Resources

Maybe you own your own business, want a successful career in detailing, or like many of us…just want to learn the basics of car detailing. To get superior results, an online detailing course or video series is a great place to start.

If you are a pro with a bit of experience, you may find in-person training more valuable because nothing beats hands-on instruction from other professionals! However, for beginners or hobbyists, an online course is a cost-effective way to learn the basics.

Quick Tip

There are a TON of auto detailing techniques to learn, and a bunch of teaching styles. Some training programs are super dense, while others simplify concepts for beginners. Before purchasing anything, make sure you prefer the overall teaching style so you can acquire the right knowledge for your specific needs. If you’re a total beginner, a $2,000 auto detailing training class focused largely on paint correction probably won’t be practical.

To help you decide what’s the best option for your experience level, here are 5 of the best online auto detailing training courses and video options for beginners and professionals.

1. Carwash Country

Washing and Detailing for Beginners Video Course

Target Audience: Beginner to Intermediate Hobbyists

To take your skills to the next level and see better results, you need a strong foundation in interior detailing, exterior detailing, and everything in between. The problem is most comprehensive online training options are expensive and designed for professional auto detailers and business owners; other programs are in-person at a training facility.

That’s why we created Washing and Detailing For Beginners. We think this simple video course is the best place to start for beginners because it breaks down all the complex terminology in simple terms for anyone—no experience required. And at a price point affordable for the average person.

This course is exactly what I wish I would have had at 16 years old (to avoid the mistakes later on), because it teaches the basics of auto detailing instead of getting too deep in the weeds with product comparisons or advanced techniques.

For Carwash Country readers, use code BLOG at checkout for 15% off.

2. Detail King

Detail King Auto Detailing Video Vault

Target Audience: Auto Detailers

If you have been in auto detailing for any amount of time, you’re likely to come across Detail King as a resource in this community. 

If you’re a detailer, their hands-on training course in-person at their Auto Detailing School is worth checking out. They also offer some free video content designed for business owners in their video vault, just not as comprehensive as their in-person options. 

Throughout the year, they host a series of seminars for technicians, which is 3 days of hands-on auto detailing school. This in-person course includes of full day of business tips for running a traditional or mobile detailing business; day two and three involves hands-on ranging from headlight restoration to reconditioning.

3. Rightlook

Online Advanced Auto Detailing Training

Target Audience: Auto Detailers

Rightlook is a trusted equipment manufacturer of mobile detailing skids and other equipment for business owners. As a partner for business owners, they offer a couple of online training courses: Advanced Auto Detailing Training and a Marketing Mastery course.

As an advanced course, it includes how-to guides on paint correction, how to apply a ceramic coating, and other similar topics. 

You can also attend a  5-day hands-on training program with a printed proof of certification. Their online and in-person courses are an investment, but a good choice for any professional detailer serious about running a more successful detailing business.

4. Autogeek

Auto Detailing Videos on YouTube

Target Audience: Auto Detailers

AutoGeek is another industry leader that offers in-person courses, but you can find some free user-generated video content on their site. Autogeek also has a solid online retail presence with exclusive discounts on popular chemicals and products; their online newsletter is also a good resource for keeping up with the latest produts.

 Even though they don’t offer a video course with online training modules, they have the best auto detailing community online in my opinion. Their online forum is great for posing those niche Q&A topics to the community, and you’ll find discussions ranging from paint protection products to honest product reviews.

The detailing world can be filled with a bunch of biased opinions from OEMs and retailers looking to sell more products, but the AutoGeek community cuts through all the noise with honest discussion.


AMMO Training Academy

Target Audience: Intermediate to Advanced Auto Detailers

Larry Kosilla and his team over at AMMO NYC have a paid online training academy for professional detailers plus a YouTube channel they are known for. If you’re a hobbyist with intermediate to advanced detailing skills, it’s a great resource.

Not only is this content easy to consume, Larry is a great teacher and provides in-depth instruction on how to do just about anything…from the first step to the last. You’ll find a bunch of video guides on how to use their own AMMO branded products, like AMMO Mud or AMMO Skin.

Larry is a respected detailing expert in this community and has been producing educational, fun, and well-produced videos for over a decade.

Baxter Overman is the founder of Carwash Country and has been been cleaning up dirty vehicles for nearly 20 years. Since 2017, he's helped thousands of beginners see better results by learning the fundamentals of washing and detailing. He's on a mission to make the car wash process more fun...and way easier.

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