7 Awesome Car Wash Detailing Carts [With Pictures]

So you’ve got a collection of spray bottles, brushes, sponges, and chamois all over the place. If you’re not a detailer you sometimes might just store these items in a wash bucket (which I wouldn’t recommend).

However, if you’re looking to organize things, you’ve got a couple of options depending on the equipment that you use.

Whether you are a DIYer or professional detailer, take a look at these car wash cart ideas you can pick up right now to make washing your car easier.

WEN 3-Tier utility cart with rolling wheels

WEN Car Wash Detailing Utility Cart

This is a great basic option for anyone (like me) who hates moving around equipment as you wash your vehicle. I’d recommend this unit for anyone (professional or amateur) that has the room, and need to be mobile.

This unit I found on Amazon and is one of the most basic (and common) carts I see people using. This one is super high quality, will not rust, and is available with either 2 or 3 tiers.

A great idea is to mount a couple of 32-ounce spray bottle holders to the side of one of these units. This way you won’t have to worry about knocking them over when reaching for other items in the cart.

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3-Tier Collapsible detailing cart

collapsible auto detailing cart

If you need portability, look no further than this collapsible detailing cart by Olympia Tools. This is ideal if you keep your detailing bottles and equipment in a van, trailer, or storage cabinet but still need to ability to be mobile.

With 3-inch swivel wheels and two sets of handles, this unit is perfect for keeping pads, polishers, a wash bucket, towels, and just about anything.

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Adam’s standard detailing cart with bottle holders

adams detailing cart

If you use a handful of spray bottles, one of my favorite carts is made by Adams. This is one of my favorites because it incorporates three shelves for different kinds of products.

It also has features like cord wraps for using polishers and other corded devices and is designed for the working detailer in mind.

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Chemical Guys Ultimate Rolling Detailing Cart

chemical guys rolling car wash cart

This is probably my favorite caddy that I’ve seen. It’s made of steel, well-designed, and equipped with a removable cushioned seat, perfect for convenient washing or waxing. This one is pretty affordable, has great reviews on Amazon, and is a great option for at-home DIY use.

This one actually stores a fair bit of equipment and it’s ideal for staying as comfortable as possible.

It’s also complete with bottle holders, a space for your wash bucket, and a storage area underneath the seat.

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Speed Master rolling detailing cart

speed master rolling detailing cart

If you are simply looking for better mobility and speed, look no further than the speed master. This unit is an ideal option for cleaning wheels and tires without breaking your back, and actually has a decent amount of storage.

This is a great alternative to knee pads, is made of metal, and also contains 3 different organizing trays with spray bottle holders.

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Chemtrol Portable Chemical Dispensing Detailing Cart

chemical dispensing car wash detailing cart

If you find yourself needing to eliminate bottles and have the room, this car made by Chemtrol is a great option. These come in a few different sizes, complete with stainless steel 5-gallon tanks, complete with a 20′ coiled line.

From glass cleaner to wax, to tire dressing, this is a perfect solution for high volume detailers looking to save time and maximize efficiency.

I’d recommend this one for anyone who details out of a brick-and-mortar location and has the room. Check out Detail Plus here for more information.

Chemical Guys Bucket Dolly

bucket dolly

Okay, so not really a cart per se, but this is an excellent option if you are simply tired of lugging around a wash bucket. This bucket dolly also comes with a grit guard insert for keeping dirt particles at the bottom of the bucket.

I love these, especially for detailing lower areas of your vehicle. You may also want to check out the Bucket Boss, which is basically a skirt that fits around your wash bucket, giving you the ability to store rags and bottles.

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Alternative idea: Handheld detailing caddy

handheld car wash detailing caddy

If the idea of a cart doesn’t sit well with you, or if you don’t have the storage, check out this commercial cleaning caddy by Rubbermaid on Amazon. It’s a #1 bestseller, and perfect for those 32-ounce spray bottles. If you own a truck as I do, this is perfect to keep in the toolbox with a wash bucket.

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Other ideas for your detailing cart

Overall, having a rolling detailing cart or caddy can be a tremendous time save and boost efficiency, whether you are a mobile detailer or in-house detailer. Here are a few additional ideas to consider adding to your setup.

Trash cans and mounted bins

One idea is to purchase a couple of 5 to 10-gallon trash cans to mount to the side of your cart. I’d check out some of the small wall-mountable trash cans or tubs for this application. These are ideal for cleaning out trash when detailing, and can also be used to store towels.

Brush holders

If you use any kind of brush for detailing, you may also want to add a couple of hooks for hanging wet brushes or tools. You can also use these for bottles, cleaning guns, or anything that you need within grasp at all times.

Storing vacuums and compressors

If you use vacuums or compressors (or even polishers) having at cart to mount these units on and push around can really save you time unloading and re-loading equipment in between jobs.

While you probably still want to keep your generator in your van or trailer, I’ve even seen people mount a retractable extension cord reel to their cart for powering electric tools.


Overall, I hope these ideas have been helping if you are in the market for a cart. I would opt for a heavy-duty plastic cart personally, due to the fact that they will get wet, and you don’t want to worry about rusting.

To accompany your detailing cart, check out my post 5 Benefits of Using a Foam Cannon vs Hand Washing to see why this device could change the way you wash your vehicle forever!

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