DIY Tips and Tricks for Washing and Cleaning Your Car

Explained: What Order Should You Wash Your Car?

To see great results washing your car, you need to know how exactly to go from panel to panel. It might sound trivial, but the order you wash your vehicle matters to an extent if you want a clean vehicle. In this post,

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How to Remove Leaf Stains on Your Car

Autumn is here, leaves are falling, and you may have woken up this morning to find a few leaf stains on your vehicle. Not to worry! If you catch leaf stains early, they are fairly simple to remove. If you have a few

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10 Clever Hacks to Wash Your Car Faster

Have you ever washed your car for what seemed like all day? I’ve spent far too much time on a 90-something-degree day duplicating effort, going back to grab a bucket, forgetting where I put my good towels..the list goes on and on. After

8 Smart Car Care Tips for Summer Driving

Take that much-needed summer road trip, skip the car problems. Prior to hitting the road, there are a couple of major car care essentials to check off your list (so you don’t end up stranded), and a couple of time-savers that will make

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Auto Detailing and Snow Removal: Best Practices

So your car is covered in snow but you don’t want to damage it. So what do you do? After a recent ice storm, I found myself in this exact situation and wanted to approach this topic from the perspective of an auto

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Spot-Free Rinse? Here’s What it Actually Means

If you've been through a car wash lately, you've probably come across the term 'spot-free rinse' a time or two in that huge list of details. I'll admit it does sound like just a marketing gimmick, but there is actually something to it.

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