DIY Tips and Tricks for Washing and Cleaning Your Car

11 FAQs for Washing and Protecting a Vinyl Wrapped Car

Getting your fleet or personal vehicle wrapped in a vinyl wrap? It’s a great idea for personal or corporate branding, but there are a few things to know beforehand when it comes to keeping them clean and protecting them. Since it can cost

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How to Wash & Dry Microfiber Towels & Wash Mitts for Detailing

Microfiber towels, wash mitts, sponges --you name it, they get dirty. Even though you might hose these off or let them dry and re-use them, they need to be washed! If you have a few laying around in a bucket somewhere, keep reading.

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Washing Your Car in the Garage? 8 Helpful Products to Have

If it's too cold outside or maybe too hot outside there are times where it may actually make sense to wash your car in your garage. Keep in mind that you do need to be aware of the risk of mold forming (or

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3 Steps to Clean & Protect a Spare Tire Cover [Guide]

In case you haven't noticed, spare tire covers get pretty filthy and need cleaning in order to last. If you have a Hummer or really any other vehicle that has a spare tire cover on the back, you need to know how to

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5 Convincing Reasons Why Having Your Car Detailed Is Worth It

The age-old question when it comes to detailing - Is having your car detailed actually worth it? Before I go head over heels and say "YES! It really is!" I wanted to be realistic and give you a few good reasons why. For

One Method I Love for Cleaning my Jeep’s Plastic and Vinyl Interior

When it comes to cleaning your Jeep’s plastic and vinyl surfaces (mainly the interior), there are a ton of products you can use to clean these types of surfaces, but which ones actually work well? After trying several products over the years, from

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