My Honest Review of Get Spiffy Mobile Car Wash & Detailing

Spiffy Review

If you live in the southeastern United States, (or in and around Los Angeles), you may have heard by now of a car wash and …

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Why You Shouldn’t Wash Your Motorcycle at a Carwash

washing a motorcycle.

If you’re looking to quickly clean off your motorcycle or dirtbike, there are a few best practices you should follow. But one question I thought …

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What Causes Windshield Haze and How to Remove It!

Have a thin coat of haze or film on your windshield? This can be dangerous, especially at night and or when it is raining. In …

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How to Pick the Right Type of Generator for Mobile Detailing

detailing interter generator - Honda

Straight up: you probably need a generator at some point in your detailing business. Especially if you run a mobile detailing business, there are times …

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Answered: Is Tire Shine Bad? A Simple Guide to Dressings

Applying tire shine product to tire.

Don’t know what type of tire shine to use? There are several different types of tire shine products—also referred to as tire dressings—that can give …

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How to Remove and Prevent Brake Dust on Wheels (Like a Pro)

Is it time to remove that unsightly brake dust? If you notice a thick black film on your wheels, the answer is YES. Especially for …

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10 Smart Items to Include in Your Mobile Detailing Setup

detailing bottle rack

The right setup is so important for your mobile detailing business! After all, well-organized equipment can mean a few extra detailing jobs per week…and more …

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How to Repair a Chipped Chrome Bumper – 3 Easy Ways

Repair chipped chrome bumper

So you’ve dinged, scratched, or have some unsightly pitting or rusting occurring on your chrome bumper. Gravel, small rocks, salt, and other debris make chrome …

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11 Practical Car Warming Gift Ideas They Will Love

Practical Car Warming Gift Ideas

So someone you know just got a new car…now what should you get them? It depends on their personality, but there are some practical car-warming …

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4 LED Car Wash Bay Lighting Setups to Increase Business

LED Car Wash Bay Lighting Setups

Adding a good lighting setup to your automatic carwash bays can really take your business to the next level, and is honestly not something I …

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