What is Marring on Car Paint? A Basic Explanation

paint marring on car clear coat

If marring is one of those terms that doesn’t carry much meaning or weight to you…you’re not alone! I really struggled to understand this term, …

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Clay Bars vs. Synthetic Clay: How to Decide What’s Best

Before I dive into what the ‘best clay bar’ is…which the internet is full of, today I want to describe what’s on the market so …

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Buckets 101 and the 2 Bucket Car Wash Method

2 bucket car wash method

Before you grab your bucket and car soap and start slapping on suds, do you know if you’re actually doing more harm than good? It’s …

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How to Clean and Restore Car Trim (Quick Guide)

Those pesky trim areas on your vehicle I know are annoying to clean (isn’t it so much easier to clean large body panels?)  Bu anyway…if …

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How to Wax a Car: A Complete Beginner’s Guide

freshly waxed jeep

Car wax isn’t just makeup for your car that makes it shine…wax is a versatile product also meant to protect. If you’re a complete beginner …

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How to Clay Car Paint for Beginners (Step-by-Step)

If you’ve never clayed your car, chances are your car needs it! But there are a few things to know about clay before you jump …

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How to Clean Cloth Car Seats in 5 Easy Steps

cleaning cloth car seats

Before you throw the kitchen seat at your cloth seats, today I want to break down how to properly clean them the right way as …

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How to Clean and Restore a Car Windshield to Like New!

Need to clean your windshield? Just spray, wipe off..and you’re done, right? That works most of the time, but what about really cleaning and restoring …

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Explained: The Best Way to Rinse and Dry a Car

microfiber drying towel drying a vehicle

Some people swear by using a leaf blower, some prefer towels…so what is the best way to rinse and dry a vehicle? Spoiler alert: the …

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Car Soap, Shampoo, or Foam? A Beginner’s Guide

suds in bucket

Confused or curious about car soap? It’s understandable because not all soap or foam-forming car wash products are the same!  Like kerosine vs gasoline, you …

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