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Car Wash Tutorial: How to Install Quick Connect Hose Fittings

Don’t you just hate a leaking hose? My hose takes forever to properly thread onto the spigot, so I decided to pick up a quick connect (or quick disconnect) kit. Now I can hook up the hose and wash my car so much easier, and my hands never go numb twisting and turning a cold hose in the winter.

Quick connects are made up of two pieces that lock together; they prevent wear and tear on the hose which means your equipment will last longer.

Today I’ll show you what you’ll need and how to install quick connects to a standard hose.

What you’ll need

  • Garden hose quick connect kit
  • Pressure washer quick connect kit (optional)
  • Standard 3/4” water hose
  • Sprayer attachment
  • 5 minutes 🙂
Quick Tip

Quick connects can be used on literally any threaded hose. For washing cars with a standard-size garden hose, two sets are ideal if you want:

  • A quick connect that connects the water source (the spigot…aka faucet) to the garden hose
  • A quick connect that connects your sprayer to the other end of the garden hose.

You can either connect your long 3/4” water hose straight to the water source or connect the short 3/4” hose connected to your hose reel to the water source. The process is exactly the same.

Check out our post on hose reel recommendations for any budget if it’s time to get a new one.

Before you begin

If you’re using a standard 3/4” garden hose, you’ll need a quick connect kit like one below. In this tutorial, I’m using quick connects where the male adapter attaches to the spigot.

Solid Brass Quick Connect Garden Hose Kit

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support.

Prep your quick connects and spigot

If your kit comes with  ‘step washers’, insert these into the female adapter, the single rim side facing up. Most kits contain rubber o rings as well; attach these to the male adapter.

Now is the time to clear away any cobwebs or debris from the spigot, or uncrew an existing hose. You also may want to carve out a spot in the garage if you plan to disconnect your hose and store it away after use.

Step 1Thread the 3/4” male adapter to the spigot


Simply rotate and thread the spale connector onto the threaded spigot outside. Make sure the fit is tight, but not too tight.

Now that you have the connector on your spigot, you can leave it on all summer. You can remove the adaptors periodically to see if seals are holding up, and I do recommend removing them in freezing weather.

Step 2Thread the 3/4” female adapter to your water hose


Thread the female adapter to either your water hose or hose reel until tight, but don’t overtighten. If you need to, use a wrench.

Step 3Connect the male and female adapters


Pull down and hold the female end of the quick connect while you insert the male end.

You may hear a click, and should be unable to disconnect them without pulling on the female end of the connector. Turn on the spigot and test for leaks.

Step 4Add quick connects to your sprayer and hose


Screw the other male adapter to any standard garden hose sprayer or attachment, and thread the female adapter to the hose. Connect both.

Even though many sprayers already come with the male fitting, I recommend removing the stock hose fitting with the metal quick connect for a proper fit.

Using quick connects with a pressure washer

Want to use quick connects on your pressure washer? You’ll need a couple more pieces to connect a standard 3/8” pressure washer hose.  I recommend the kit below, because it contains the standard M22 to 14-millimeter swivel you’ll screw onto the pressure washer outlet/high-pressure valve. Some pressure washers require the M22 to 15-millimeter male, but this kit has the adaptors you need.

This kit also contains the hardware you need for a standard garden hose which is nice.

Pressure Washer and Garden Hose Quick Connect Kit

If you click this link and make a purchase, we earn a commission at no cost to you. Thanks for your support.

Ready to use wands, foam cannons, and other attachments?

Congratulations, you’ve just saved yourself a couple of minutes every time you wash!

Quick connects are ideal if you plan to use attachments foam cannons and foam guns. Sometimes I’ll snap on my standard sprayer, other times I’ll connect a foam cannon if I’m washing a large vehicle. 

Check out my post on foam guns vs. cannons if you’re considering these accessories.

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