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Commercial Car Wash Vacuums 101: Buying and Owning One!

As a car wash owner or convenience store owner, adding a couple of commercial car wash vacuums can be a great addition to your main car wash bay, adding a little extra income to your bottom line. These are much different than consumer grade models you can find on Amazon, and made with better quality materials and pumps built to last. As far as commercial vacuums go, there are a plethora of options that you must consider when getting into this venture. This article [...]

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7 Best Car Wash and Detailing Trade Shows & Conventions [2020]

If you are in the car wash business in the United States any level –from a convenience store owner, car wash owner, or mobile detailer, I wanted to take the time today to list a few of the best trade shows and conventions to add to your calendar this year. Networking with other detailers and business owners is a great way to check out the latest technology and detailing products, and many don't cost that much. In this post, I'll break down these tradeshows [...]

Unhappy Customers or Negative Reviews in Auto Detailing? What to Do

If you run a mobile detailing business or even a traditional full-service car wash owner, you're bound to run into an unhappy customer from time to time. Some of these complaints may be warranted – maybe one of your guys was having a bad day. Lot's of things can happen. The best approach is to always reassure the customer and assure them that your top priority is their satisfaction. In this blog, I'll cover a few strategies I have heard in the detailing community [...]

Taxes 101 for Mobile Detailers: Mileage, Deductions, and Entities

So, you want to be a mobile auto detailer but you’re unsure of how to start your company, how to manage your books or do your taxes? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Today's post is brought to you by Shawn Dalton, a Certified Public Accountant in the state of Ohio. Shawn has over 5 years of experience in tax accounting/preparation and business formation. Below, he shares a few tips for understanding taxes, deductions, and how to set up your business if you [...]

5 Best Electric Pressure Washers for Detailing on a Budget

If you're into detailing your own car, or getting started with detailing, electric pressure washers are a very affordable way to get started. In my opinion, if you are just a car enthusiast who just prefers to knock the dirt off on the weekend, an electric pressure washer is a very practical choice. And super affordable. Knocking off a lot of mud? You may want to spend a little more on a gas-powered unit. Keep in mind most professional detailers use gas pressure washers [...]

Water Hoses 101: Best Picks for Detailers or Car Enthusiasts

If you're a detailer (or just  a car guy) and wondering what type of water hose is right for you, this post is for you. There are a few things to keep in mind that may dictate what kind you should buy, but most of the time it comes down to what type of equipment you are using, whether or not you are a detailer, and how important convenience is to you. Hoses come with a variety of build materials and accessories (like reels),  [...]

Mastering the Auto Detailing Sales Pitch [Guide]

The sales pitch. Get a winning template, and you can use it like a secret weapon to win customer after customer. In detailing, there are many opportunities to try our your sales pitch on customers over the phone (when they contact you), as well as a mobile detailer, fleet washer, or even car wash owner. Your pitch will probably be a little more professional when selling to property managers face-to-face, so it's important to have a gameplan going in. In this blog, I'll break [...]

Insurance 101 for Mobile Detailers and Car Wash Owners

Whether you are a mobile detailer, work alone, or have a physical location with employees, having insurance is super important as a business owner. For today's post, I enlisted the help of Stephanie Dohmlo. Stephanie is a twenty year veteran of the insurance industry, having served as an agent, broker, and worked in compliance. After having her son, she started writing process and procedures for insurance agencies, and I am excited to share this information for everyone looking into insurance for your car wash [...]

Water & Detailing: Reclamation, Runoff, and EPA Fines

In the mobile detailing world, water can be one of the more inconvenient aspects of your day-to-day process. Not only refilling your tanks or finding water nearby, but what to do with dirty water can be a problem as well. The EPA has guidelines for different states regarding whether or not water needs to be reclaimed (sucked up), but more importantly, allowing contaminated water to enter certain storm drains you want to avoid. In this blog, I'll give you an overview of what to [...]

Steam Cleaning your Car’s Exterior: What to Know

One method to clean the exterior of your car that you probably don't hear much about is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is rather controversial in the detailing community depending on who you ask, but it's important to understand when and how to use steam if you choose this cleaning method. In this blog post, I'll break down why some detailers like to use steam on the exterior of a vehicle, a few precautions to understand, and what to know in general if you decide [...]