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4 Reasons Using a Gas Station Squeegee is a Bad Idea

Of all the no-no’s in the car wash universe the gas station squeegee with attached water blade is one of those seemingly harmless devices I admit I have been guilty of using in my younger days.  We’ve all seen them and if I had to guess many of us have used them...but should you? In this post, I'll break down 4 good reasons why you should avoid gas station squeegees, and what to do as an alternative. 1. They Lead to Scratching If Used [...]

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How to Clean & Wash Microfiber, Foam, or Wool Pads [Guide]

Doing any paint correction type of detailing work? You need clean pads. A clean pad gives you a more consistent finish, less money spent on replacements, and more efficiency with your DA or rotary tool. But I will say, it does help to have numerous pads you can swap in and out on the job when they get dirty. It takes time to clean these things properly, and time is money. Using water and soap is really the best way to get your pads [...]

How to Clean a Diamondplate Aluminum Truck Tool Box [Guide]

So your toolbox isn't quite shining in the sun like it was when you bought it? If you've got an aluminum diamondplate toolbox on the back of your truck like I do, you may have noticed that over time it doesn't look quite as good. Mine usually turns a milky white color, which I found out the result of oxidation over time. Stainless steel won't rust, but can dull over time which is important you take the time to clean (and polish it) from [...]

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7 Tips for Washing a Car at Your Condo or Apartment

If you live in an apartment that doesn't have a wash station, it can be difficult to keep a clean ride. Speaking from experience, it was a lot more difficult keeping my car clean at my old apartment due to this, but there are a few things you can do with or without much water. In this blog, I'll break down 7 creative ways to wash your car when living at an apartment or condo. Tip 1: Ask Your Apartment Manager About Water Access [...]

How to Dry Out your Car — Dehumidifiers, Absorbers, & Blowers

If you're like me, you've probably dealt with at least some degree of moisture inside your car. Whether you are dealing with a leaky sunroof or accidently left the top down during a rainstorm, there are numerous ways water can enter your vehicle eventually leading to mold and other problems. In this blog, I'll break down when you should use a simple moisture absorber or go all in with a dehumidifier. Slight Dampness or Funky Smells? Try a Moisture Absorber As long as you [...]

17 Interior Detailing Tips the Pros Keep a Secret

Okay, so maybe they're not exactly guarded secrets, but there are several interior detailing techniques that many people just don't know exist. These tricks are really where great detailers can separate themselves from average detailers often times with just a few tools. In this blog, I'll break down 17 interior detailing tips used by the professionals to add to your skillset as a detailer or hobbyist. #1 - Interior Detailing Brushes Detailing brushes are awesome for cleaning those dusty and dingy radios, perfect for [...]

How to Clean Sticky Steering Wheel Buttons [4 Steps]

A simple but annoying problem for most vehicle owners at some point are those sticky steering wheel buttons. Whether you are trying to clean a vehicle you just purchased (or even your own), it can be a disgusting inconvenience. Whether it's oils from your hands, soda, (or anything else), it's a good idea to clean these from time to time to avoid buildup that will be harder to remove later on. In this blog post, I'll break how to clean these sticky steering wheel [...]

How to Clean and Protect Wheel Wells [4 Steps]

Wheel wells are one of those often overlooked areas to keep clean, but can really detract from all the work you do to make your tires and wheels look great. If you are cleaning your own vehicle at home, you may even want to remove your tires before getting started (if you have the ability)  just to make things easier. In this blog, I'll break down how to clean and protect your wheel wells in 4 simple steps. Step 1: Start by Knocking the [...]

Deionized vs Distilled Water for Detailing – When to Use It!

As a detailer or just a car enthusiast, you may have heard by now that distilled water is better at washing your car than standard water from the tap. But why is this true, and do all detailers use distilled water? What about deionized water? In this blog, I'll break down what all this terminology means and when you might want to consider using a form of purified water. Deionized vs Distilled Water Okay, some technical talk. Technically speaking, distilled water is just a [...]

How to Get Car Wax Off Rubber or Black Plastic Trim

Most people know that you should avoid getting car wax (specifically that yellow carnauba paste) on any type of trim, but why? The answer really comes down to the fact that dried on wax can be super difficult to remove when it dries. Why Wax Is Hard to Remove From Plastic A lot of plastic trim pieces are textured to the touched and pretty porous, which allows wax particles to get lodged inside these pores. This is the main reason this type of wax [...]