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[Review] Meguiar’s vs ArmourAll Leather Wipes vs Lexol Conditioner

So today I thought I would compare and test 4 leather cleaning products that fall in two different categories: leather wipes vs leather cleaner/conditioners. So I stopped by my local Walmart and picked up a few of these products (you can also find on Amazon) to see which one really did the best job. I tested the following: Auto Drive Leather Wipes - 27 Count ($1.88 USD) Meguiar's Gold Class Leather Wipes - 25 Count  ($4.97) ArmourAll Leather Wipes - 30 Count ($5.84) Lexol [...]

Water Containment Mats: DIY Options & Recommendations for Detailers

If you are new to detailing or have been in the game for very long at all, water containment mats are one of those products that are nice to have as a professional detailer. In this post, I'll explain why you may want to think about investing in one, and provide a few recommendations. Why Use a Water Containment Mat? If you are new to detailing or have been in the game for very long at all, you may have heard something about water [...]

7 Best Cordless Handheld Car Vacuums + What to Know

For busy working professionals, having a nice handheld vac just to keep your car a little cleaner is a great idea. For me personally, it's pretty easy to accumulate crumbs, bits of paper, and other small bits of debris on the carpet, console, and other areas. Don't get me wrong, there are Shop Vacs and other commercial car vacs that will offer better suction and reliability, but the it's really about convenience and maintenance. You just want to keep your vehicle as clean as [...]

5 Best Electric Pressure Washers for Detailing on a Budget

If you're into detailing your own car, or getting started with detailing, electric pressure washers are a very affordable way to get started. In my opinion, if you are just a car enthusiast who just prefers to knock the dirt off on the weekend, an electric pressure washer is a very practical choice. And super affordable. Knocking off a lot of mud? You may want to spend a little more on a gas-powered unit. Keep in mind most professional detailers use gas pressure washers [...]

Water Hoses 101: Best Picks for Detailers or Car Enthusiasts

If you're a detailer (or just  a car guy) and wondering what type of water hose is right for you, this post is for you. There are a few things to keep in mind that may dictate what kind you should buy, but most of the time it comes down to what type of equipment you are using, whether or not you are a detailer, and how important convenience is to you. Hoses come with a variety of build materials and accessories (like reels),  [...]

Foam Gun or Cannon? Advantages, Soaps, & Recommendations

You may have seen foam sprayed or applied to vehicles, but what are the advantages? And what's the difference between a foam gun vs foam cannon? These tools are a great investment for many people, but it really depends on your level of detail when washing your car. For example, are you trying desperately to avoid swirls in a professional setting, or just looking to clean the dirt off from time to time? In this blog, I'll break down the differences between foam guns [...]

Mobile Detailing Canopies 101 [Plus Recommendations]

As a mobile detailer, sometimes the weather can be extremely hot and having a canopy on hand can make your job a lot easier and professional. These are ideal for jobs that will require a bit more time and attention to detail, so it depends on your business. If you detail from your home instead of going to your customer, the same principles apply. In this blog, I'll break down what to look for in a portable canopy, and give you a few recommendations [...]

Detailing Carpet Extractors 101: A Buyer’s Guide

If you plan on offering a wide range of interior detailing services for your clients, a carpet extractor is really a must have. You have so many options to choose from in this category, from portable carpet extractors targeted towards consumers and small detailing businesses, to industrial carpet extractors great for detailing large fleets of vehicles on a regular basis. In this blog post, I'll break down everything you need to know before purchasing a carpet extractor, and provide a few recommendations. So how [...]

7 Awesome Car Wash Detailing Carts [With Pictures]

So you've got a collection of spray bottles bottles, brushes, sponges, and chamois all over the place. If you're not a detailer you sometimes might just store these items in a wash bucket (which I wouldn't recommend). However, if you're looking to organize things, you've got a couple of options depending on the equipment that you use. Whether you are a DIYer or professional detailer, take a look at these car wash cart ideas you can pick up right now to make washing your [...]

What Type of Generator Do I Need for Detailing? [Guide]

A good generator for detailing is a key purchase for most detailing businesses, but it depends on your business model and how many customers you already have. There are several factors to consider that I'll outline in this blog like size, type, noise, and capacity - and whether you should even purchase one at all. I am by no means an expert in engineering, but wanted to share some suggestions I've found that have worked for some. In this blog, I'll break down some [...]